We are Novel Hill.

here’s a few things about us.





If I were still a kid and you were to ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I would tell you that I’m going to be a writer. Turns out, years later, I’m still working on the whole novelist thing, but that’s not my only forte. Because the moment photography came into my life, I discovered another form of storytelling that I love just as much.

Being a complete cinematography geek (I basically drool over beautifully filmed movies), and since I’ve always visualized the stories I write like they’re movies playing in my head, it felt natural for me to approach photography with a cinematic eye. I tend to prefer images rich with atmosphere and a good balance of light and shadow. One of the kindest things someone has ever said to me about my work is this: “You create the sort of images that I can only dream about.” Yes, that happened, and it made me feel like a million bucks. People can be so awesome.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the chance to visually document some of the most precious moments of people’s lives, in a natural, truthful, yet poetic way. It’s pretty common for clients to see me getting excited over the images I capture for them, and honestly, I can’t help it. After every wedding or shoot that Carly and I document, we find ourselves reflecting on how amazing each of our clients are—we are indebted to the people we meet who constantly remind us about what is right in the world. It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to be part of their lives. It’s safe to say that photography is something I’d love to do for a long, long while, even if I do get that novel published one day.





When I was seven, I distinctly remember telling my mom outside of a frozen yogurt shop that I was going to be a ballerina / writer / photographer / puppy-sitter. The writer / photographer thing panned out for me, but I’m still working on the ballerina / puppy-sitter side of the dream. Basically, I am a storyteller at heart, who also happens to love dancing and puppies. I get to teach English and tell stories, either through words or photos, for a living; some mornings I just have to pinch myself, because I truly have the best jobs in the world, and they don’t feel like jobs to me at all.

When individuals ask me why I got into photography, I always answer, “the people.” I fell in love with this art form because I get the chance to preserve these incredible moments in time that tell amazing stories of amazing people and I can’t even describe how much I dig that. I strive for images that feel timeless and candid, but that are still as imaginative and unique as the different clients I come in contact with. You are likely to find me boogieing my way through the dancing crowd at a wedding snapping photos right in the thick of things, shedding a professional tear at certain moments (father-daughter dances still get me every time), and if you ever bring a puppy to a photo shoot, I might just be your best friend.

photographs on this page © Amber McGaughey.