The engagement session, reimagined.

Prologue is one of our favorite things, and it always ends up being one of our clients’ favorites, too. This is a time for us to adventure together, and to get to know one another. Prologue is a relaxed experience that centers around who you are today as a couple, before you tie the knot.

What do you love to do together? Where do you love to go? By asking these questions, we create an opportunity to capture something meaningful—something that will continue to be meaningful to you for years to come.

If you think something is outside the realm of possibility for your Prologue, don’t hesitate to email us and ask. We have traveled for our clients’ Prologues on multiple occasions. Distance doesn’t matter much to us; but getting to know you does. Because by the time your wedding rolls around, you’ll already know us, and you’ll feel comfortable with us, and you can enjoy your wedding day that much more.