San Luis Obispo Engagement Photos // Olivia & Ryan’s Prologue

San Luis Obispo Engagement Photos // Olivia & Ryan’s Prologue
4 August 2015 Brandon


Olivia & Ryan’s Prologue


Olivia and Ryan met between Marsh and Higuera Street, on a corner indoors with music playing and laughter and talking in the dim all around them. It was by complete happenstance, or providence, that they’d sat down there at that moment and decided to say hello.

Completely unintentionally, they’d found their match that night. These two people who are so perfect for one another. They both have this natural gift for making you feel like you’re a million bucks and the only person who matters. That’s just how they are. And they’re that way with each other all the time. They just have this light in their eyes.

From what I can tell, everyone they know loves them to pieces. I know I do. They’re exceptionally kind, fun human beings.

Their wedding will come to the Journal soon enough; but in the meantime, here is their Prologue — a quiet fog-lifted morning we spent adventuring on a San Luis Obispo mountainside before heading downtown to the place where they first met.

/ Brandon

Location: San Luis Obispo, California


“Overture II” by Sleeping at Last


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